Submit An Event

Events for the Welcome to Michigan Program are submitted using the University’s UM-Events database.

UM event image_0.jpg

If you have never used this site before, here are the steps to submit your event:

  • Browse to
  • Select Login from the left-side menu or Become a Sponsor if you have never submitted an event to UM-Events before (under "Month View").
  • After you have created an account and authenticated, select "Add an Event".
  • Enter your event information. Be sure to check the "Welcome Week" Tag! Select the time and date(s) of your event and click "Next Step" to proceed.
  • Review the information you submitted (notice "Welcome Week event" is listed in the bar below your event name) and you can also check the box to be notified by e-mail once your event is submitted. Click "Finish."
  • Using UM-Events also lets you return to edit your events at any time. To edit any event you have previously submitted, select "Submission History " from the menu on the main page.

If you have any difficulty submitting your information directly to UM-Events, email or call the Office of New Student Programs at (734) 764-6413.