Welcome To Michigan Program

Welcome to Michigan 2015 "Welcome Home"

Start your Michigan career right by attending the Welcome to Michigan Program!  This U-M tradition is a campus-wide series of events designed to welcome new students to campus and includes the participation of returning students, faculty, and staff.

The Welcome to Michigan Program offers further exploration of the opportunities initially presented to new students during orientation. Welcome to Michigan is planned collaboratively by the Office of New Student Programs and the Center for Campus Involvement.

The needs of the new student serve as the basis for the creation, continuation, and evaluation of all sessions offered through the Welcome program. Welcome provides a menu of options for new students from which they may choose. Programs of personal interest, skills and involvement workshops, and social events sponsored by academic units, student service departments, and campus facilities are presented. Participation in the Welcome Program is voluntary, however new students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of everything the campus and community has to offer.

This transition period is important for familiarizing students with their new campus, community and peers. The campus outreach and marketing efforts are designed to help students know that we care about their experience and that resources are available to help ensure their success at the University.

Program Goals

  1. To assist students in making a meaningful, smooth, and enjoyable transition to college life.
  2. To actively engage the entire University in a coordinated and shared effort in providing a warm welcome to the new members of our community.
  3. To help students become familiar with and feel connected to the campus as a learning environment through its curricular and co-curricular opportunities and challenges.

For more information about the Welcome to Michigan Program, email welcome@umich.edu or call 734-764-6413. For general inquiries or information about Orientation, email onsp@umich.edu