Why Join Transfer Connections?

Improve Your Transfer Transition

Transfer students come to campus with an enormous array of experiences from their previous school(s). However, it’s not always easy to translate these experiences into the campus culture at the University of Michigan. As a new student on campus, transfer students face a transitional period of adjustment to the academic, social, and environmental facets of life at Michigan. Transfer Connections can help smooth the adjustment period and quickly connect you to the resources and support networks available on campus. Through academic, co-curricular, and social programming, Transfer Connections addresses the specific and unique needs of new transfer students. 

Take Advantage of Michigan’s Opportunities 

Being active in Transfer Connections allows students to take advantage of great opportunities that most transfer students don’t notice until at least a year or more on campus. Transfer Connections helps students build networks with other students, faculty and staff who can help make the most of their remaining undergraduate career.

Receive Support and Advice from Peers

Transfer Connections connects new LSA transfer students with former transfer students who remember what it means to be a new transfer student on campus. These Wolverines represent a multitude of majors, student organizations and backgrounds. Transfer Connections groups share not only personal experiences, but also exciting events such as: skill building and leadership workshops, performances, sporting events, and diverse outings around Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan. Transfer Connections Mentors help you find your niche at the University of Michigan.