Freshman Families

The beginning of a college career marks many changes in students and their relationships with family and friends. It can also mean changes in beliefs, values, behaviors, and attitudes. Understanding and adjusting to these changes is an exciting challenge for both students and their parents and families.

The Office of New Student Programs offers Parent & Family Orientation to provide information and resources that can help families with this transition. For families of students admitted to the Fall Term, Parent & Family Orientation is offered multiple times throughout June, July, and August. 

The Office of New Student Programs also coordinates Parents & Family Weekend. Parents & Family Weekend is open to all undergraduate families and provides an opportunity for families to visit campus, enjoy campus activities, and spend time with their Michigan student.

The M-Parent Website is the University’s gateway for parents. Like a roadmap of the University, the M-Parent Website helps to guide parents and family members and provides advice, campus updates, and links to resources. Families of incoming freshmen are encouraged to visit the “Your New Student” section of the M-Parent website to learn ways to prepare for the freshman year.