Will we have any joint programs with the students?

International Student Orientation and International Parent & Family Orientation have separate itineraries. During the morning sessions both programs will be together and then there will be separate sessions during the afternoon. We ask that parents and family members do not accompany their students once the two programs split.

Is there housing provided during the Parent & Family Orientation program?

We cannot provide housing for parents and family members during orientation. Please visit www.visitannarbor.org for a list of local hotels. You are responsible for making your own hotel reservations.  

Where may we park during the Orientation program?

We strongly recommend using the parking structure located at 324 Maynard St. between Liberty and William Streets. Parking in this structure allows you to park all day. You will take a ticket when you enter the structure and pay the total fee when you leave. Rates are $1.20/hour (subject to change). The Office of New Student Programs is not responsible for any parking tickets acquired in Ann Arbor during International Parent & Family Orientation.

What if I never received/threw out my registration materials for Parent & Family Orientation?

Call the Office of New Student Programs (734-764-6413) to receive new materials or to register by phone.

Your question not listed here?

E-mail onsp@umich.edu.