Preparing for your Academic Advising Date

Wolverine Online Orientation has 5 steps that you need to complete. Steps 1-4 must be completed PRIOR TO your Academic Advising Date. Please review the 5 Steps of Wolverine Online Orientation in your invite email (sent in mid-November) or on our Winter Orientation Overview page. Detailed information about how to access and complete the steps are below. 
Step 1: Register for An Academic Advising Date

For instructions on how to register to complete Step 1: Registering for an Academic Advising Date, please see our Register for an Academic Advising Date page.

Only register for an Academic Advising Date that you are available to participate remotely in advising and advising activities on. Your school/college will be unable to work around conflicts on the day of you advising date and will ask you to rescedule if you are not available.

We expect students to make their own reservations for their Academic Advising Date. Students are responsible for sharing details of their Academic Advising Date with their parents and family members if desired. However, we expect students to participate in their Academic Advising Date with the assistance of the professional academic advisors only, and not their parents or family members/guests. Any parents and family members participating in the virtual meetings will be asked to leave, and students will not be permitted to continue the advising and registration process until parents/family members are not present.

We expect students to complete all Wolverine Online Orientation activities. All components of the Wolverine Online Orientation are required and are specifically designed to assist students with their academic and social transition to the University. Students may be required to reschedule an Academic Advising Date if they have not completed the Wolverine Online Orientation and are unprepared to register for classes.

Step 2: Accessing the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course

You will have access to the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course AFTER you receive the Wolverine Online Orientation Information email. 

The Wolverine First-Year Transition Course is a course in Canvas designed to introduce you to the University of Michigan and takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete. Complete the module at LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR ACADEMIC ADVISING DATE. Failure to complete the course will delay your ability to register for classes on your academic advising date.

To complete the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course, follow these instructions: 

  1. Using an internet browser, navigate to: 

    *We recommend completing the module on a laptop or desktop computer instead of a mobile device
  2. Log in using your University of Michigan uniqname and password. 

  3. After you have logged in, you will be directed to your Canvas Dashboard. On the Dashboard, look for the course with “ONSP Winter 2021 Orientation" in the title. Click on this course. 

  4. You will be directed to the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course. At the top of the site, you will see the first section, titled “Welcome to Orientation”. Click on this button to begin the course. 

  5. You can navigate through the course by simply pressing the “next” button at the bottom of each screen. Sections that are listed as optional can be skipped over at any time by clicking on “Home” on the top left side of the screen. This will take you to the main menu where you can select your next section manually.

  6. After each section, you must take the quiz for the section and get at least 50% of the questions correct in order to proceed to the next section. 

  7. You do not need to complete the entire course at one time, but you must complete all of the mandatory sections at least two weeks prior to your Academic Advising Date. Students who do not complete the course will not be eligible to register for classes on their Academic Advising Date.  

If you have any questions about navigating through the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course, please contact the Office of New Student Programs at 734-764-6413 or email or use this form to tell us how we can assist you:

Step 3: Online Placement Exams


Review the First Year Placement Exam Chart to determine which exams are required by your academic unit and use the links below to access the exams. 


Have your uniqname and password readily available.  Be sure your computer is fully charged (and with enough battery if you are away from an electrical outlet). Arrange to take all online tests in a quiet area, free from distractions (TVs, phones, etc.), and allow yourself ample time, as indicated by the information provided by the site of the exam.  Refer to the links below for specific deadlines by which each exam must be completed prior to your Academic Advising Date. All test results will be given to your academic advisor and reviewed with you during your advising appointment at orientation. Results cannot be provided ahead of time by the Office of New Student Programs or the individual departments. In general, we recommend completing all placement exams two weeks prior to your academic advising date to ensure results are uploaded in time for advising. Some exams are able to upload results faster than others and the minimum amount of time required is noted below.


MATH PLACEMENT EXAM - Available November 20th - January 13th
The standard test time limit is 50 minutes unless an extended time request is made (email from your UMICH email to make a request).  It must be completed at least 3 business days prior to your Academic Advising Date.
Self enroll in the Canvas link. Standard test time is 60 minutes unless an extended time request is made (email from your UMICH email to make a request).  It must be completed at least 10 business days prior to your Academic Advising Date. If taking the Chemistry Placement, you should plan to complete the Math Placement prior to doing so.
The Directed Self-Placement for Writing is a writing prompt, not a traditional test. There is no time limit for writing your essay. Submit your essay at least 5 business days prior to your Academic Advising Date.


If you have no prior experience in a language you would like to study, you may register for the first course in the language sequence. Otherwise, you should take a language placement test if required by your academic unit and/or you plan to continue in that language. Please refer to the placement exam chart for requirements. Please note that placements are typically used for placement only and some departments may require a results validation process if you are placing out of a degree requirement.

LSA Students: A student whose first language is not English and who attended a high school where English was not the language of instruction does not need to take a language placement.

NOTE: not all languages will be available to take online in advance of your Academic Advising Date as some may be offered as a proctored exam in the Winter term. You can find more information about other languages from our Language Department websites and contact information page.

Some tests are online and some include oral interviews. Take your placement test, including any virtual interviews, at least TWO WEEKS prior to your registered academic advising date so that your results can be processed and made available. If you may still be eligible to participate in advising if you cannot complete the language placement 2 weeks in advance, however you may not be able to enroll in the language class until your results are in the system.

Chinese Placement
Virtually proctored placement is available on December 3rd or December 4th, registration is required on the Asian Languages and Cultures' website.
Filipino Placement
Email Agustini ( to schedule a placement interview
French Placement Exam  - available November 9th - December 17th
Email from your UMICH email to request access to the online placement
German Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link
Hebrew Placement
Email Dr. Adi Raz ( to schedule a placement interview
Indonesian Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link
Italian Placement Exam - available November 9th - December 17th
Available from your Canvas Dashboard
Japanese Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link
Korean Placement Exam
Please read the website linked above for information to register for placement
Latin Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link
Russian Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link
South Asian Languages: Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, & Urdu
Self-enroll in Canvas link for instructions
Spanish Placement Exam  - available November 9th - December 17th
Available from your Canvas Dashboard
Thai Placement Exam
Self-enroll in the Canvas link

Placement information for a language not listed above:

If you have experience in a language that is not listed above, you will need to work directly with the department of that language for information on how to complete placement. Some languages will offer placement by appointment only, online or for an in-person test at a later date. Review websites for information for the different language departments offered at the University of Michigan. You will still be able to proceed with academic advising even if you can not take one of these placements ahead of time.

Testing Accommodations Information:

Students who need to arrange for extended testing time/accommodations for online placement exams should contact the department of the exam directly. Please find the appropriate contact information for the placements below:

  • Math Placement: email from your UMICH email
  • Chemistry Placement: email from your UMICH email
  • Romance Languages (Spanish, French, Italian): email from your UMICH email
  • Find additional language department contacts here

Accommodations made for placement tests may not reflect how those same accommodations will be made during the school year. It is important that students with disabilities contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as soon as possible to discuss your school year needs.

Step 4: Academic Unit Online Pre-Advising Activities/Orientation Requirements

Each academic school/college has its own set of mandatory pre-advising and advising activities. Information about these will be including in the last section of the Wolverine First-Year Transition Course. You will need to have all of these activities completed before your Academic Advising Date. Your school/college may also communicate tasks and information directly, so be sure to check your UMICH email regularly!

Remote Advising Resources

Getting familiar with the different remote University of Michigan tools will help you be prepared for your academic advising activities and other virtual opportunities offered! Zoom, Bluejeans, Google Hangouts/Meet and Remote Office Hours are a few of the virtual tools your school or college may utlize for remote advising. Familiarize yourself with these tools and set up accounts:

Set up your UMICH Zoom account!

Set up your UMICH Bluejeans account!

Set up your Google Hangout/Meet account!

Remote Office Hours

Step 5: Participation on Your Academic Advising Date

You academic unit will communicate to you directly about your assigned activities and time for advising/course registration. It is essential that you check your UMICH email regularly for this information. If you have not received an email from your school/college at least 2 days prior to your advising date, please contact us at 

Do not have any other plans scheduled on the day of your Academic Advising Date to be sure you can fully participate in any required advising activities. Activities will likely occur sometime between 8 am and 5 pm Eastern Time. Your academic unit will ask you to reschedule if you are unable to participate in the assigned activities. If you have concerns about timezones, please email after registering for you academic advising date. 

Learn How to Use the U-M Course Registration System (Wolverine Access)

Wolverine Access is the system that you will use to register for your classes. Your academic advisors will expect you to already be familiar with this system on your Advising Date. There are several online tutorials available to assist you in learning Wolverine Access prior to orientation:


(Please note: LSA tutorials are often helpful for all students, not just students in LSA.) 

School & College Course Guides: 

Architecture + Urban Planning

Art & Design




Literature, Science, and the Arts

Music, Theatre, Dance


These resources and tutorials will introduce you to the course registration process and help to prepare you for course selection and registration.

Submit Your Mcard Photo

The MCard is the official University of Michigan ID card. All new students should submit a photo to be used on your MCard. MCards will be distributed to you directly by the MCard Center closer to the start of the Winter Term. Please visit for information regarding photo specifications and the submission process. If you do not submit your photo in advance, it will delay the processing of your MCard.