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Applications for our Summer Orientation Leader position and our International & Fall Orientation Leader positions are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your interest. 

Information about the Summer 2018 positions will be posted in late 2017. 

Mass Meetings for Summer 2018 positions

Mass Meetings for the Summer 2018 Orientation Leader positions have not yet been determined. Please e-mail us or call 764-6413 with questions you may have about these positions.

Summer Orientation Leader Applicant Information

Applications are no longer being accepted for the Summer 2017 Orientation Leader position.


The 2018 Summer Orientation Leader Position

The Office of New Student Programs employs enthusiastic and resourceful students representative of our diverse undergraduate population as orientation leaders to assist with summer new student and parent orientation. For duties, expectations, and employment conditions of parent and student leaders, please see the attached position descriptions and general information below.

Parent Leader Duties

Each leader will be assigned to 16 or 17 parent sessions during the summer program. The average group consists of approximately 100-200 parents for whom the leader is responsible in cooperation with 2 co-leaders.

Advance preparation for each group includes team planning, assembling informational materials, establishing meeting agendas, checking room set up, performing assigned office work, etc.

Major job responsibilities include facilitating program check-in, a walking tour, informational meetings, escorting parents to and leading discussions of University offices/services, etc. Leaders are expected to actively engage with parents and provide overall support to make each program a success in accordance with the ONSP goals and mission.

Student Leader Duties

Each leader will be assigned to 8 or 9 freshman sessions during the summer program. Each leader will work with 4 other leaders and, as a team, will be responsible for approximately 175-200 students per session.

Advance preparation for each group includes team planning meetings, stuffing folders, making door tags, establishing meeting agendas, assembling registration materials, setting up meeting rooms, residence hall preparation, etc.

Major job responsibilities include facilitating early arrivals, program check-in, informational meetings, a walking tour, planned social activities, evening supervision, registration, etc. Leaders are expected to actively engage with students and provide overall support to make each program a success in accordance with the ONSP goals and mission.

Orientation Leaders also facilitate a small group discussion focused on living and learning at U-M, academic and involvement questions and concerns, student health and safety, academic resources, decision-making strategies, and transitioning to U-M.

Conditions of Employment

Qualifications: Leaders must be undergraduate students at the University of Michigan and are required to have been enrolled during the fall and winter terms prior to their employment, having been in good academic and judicial standing for both terms. OLs should be able to assume leadership roles and complete all assigned tasks. Positive representation of the University of Michigan is required. Commitment to serving students, parents, and University staff, including diverse populations, and a customer service philosophy are necessary. Previous experience in a team or community living environment is helpful, but not required.

Time commitment: Orientation Leaders are required to attend all training sessions and staff meetings.

Orientation Leaders participate in training on issues such as public speaking, group facilitation, social justice and bystander intervention, conflict management, teamwork development, communication skills, U-M resources, academic unit training, and a variety of other leadership topics. 

Orientation Leaders may not have other time commitments during assigned summer orientation program sessions (3-4 days/week); however, many leaders have outside employment or engage in independent research on their days off, with your orientation schedule taking precedence over outside employment. It is not possible for orientation leaders to be enrolled in spring or summer term classes at the University of Michigan. All selected leaders will be given a schedule of expected coverage in advance so that you may plan personal time accordingly. Training begins during the Winter 2018 semester.  Orientation sessions begin in early June and run through early August.  

Contract: Each Orientation Leader will be required to sign a contract and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Must attend all Winter Training sessions and all of May training
  • Be punctual, reliable, and conscientious in the performance of all responsibilities.
  • Submit an end-of-summer evaluative report.
  • Must live in the assigned residence hall for the duration of summer orientation, beginning with May training and ending with the close of the orientation program.
  • May not be enrolled in any spring or summer session courses. Independent study/research projects may be permitted with supervisor permission.
  • May not have an outside job during the summer or pre-conference training. Employment on days off during summer program is permitted with supervisor permission.
  • Must follow all state/local laws and University policies regarding alcohol and other drug use. Must not consume alcohol when on-duty. Off-duty leaders may not use, or be under the influence of, these substances in the presence of any orientation participants.
  • Must adhere to and enforce the University's rules and regulations, especially those stated for residence halls.


  • Information for 2018 will be available in November 2017. 
Application Process

Applications for  the 2017 Summer Orientation Leader Position are no longer being accepted. 


Orientation Selection and Training Important Dates

Information about 2018 selection and training dates will be available in November 2017. 

Apply to be an Orientation Leader!

Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Summer Orientation Leader position. The application deadline has passed and is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Director Joe Colangelo at