University Mentorship Program Staff


Ayeza Siddiqi

Assistant Director, Office of New Student Programs

Ayeza directs the University Mentorship Program and Transfer Connections.
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Breinne Reeder
Graduate Student Intern
Breinne is the Graduate Assistant for the Transfer Connections Program and the UM Mentorship Program 

Mentorship 2016-2017 Staff


Left to right: Breinne, Bobby, Sarah, Ayeza, Amanda, Lainey and Veronica 

Communication Coordinators (CCs): Mentorship Program Student Staff

We will begin to recruit for 2017 staff starting November 2016. Join the best staff on campus! 

Current students, join the Mentorship Team! Gain leadership, event planning, event facilitation experience, and more as a Communication Coordinator (CC). CCs actively advise and support groups of mentors and develop activities for participants.

Below is application, interview, and training schedule for 2016-2017. 


•  9: CC Online Applications due

•  10: First round status letters sent

•  12-28: Interviews in ONSP with Mentorship staff

•  30: Hiring announcements emailed to accepted candidates



•  2: Interviewing CC candidates who are not accepted to be CCs but wish to be Peer Mentors do not need to re-interview, but must apply online by this date.

•  2-13: New CC Shadowing  (ONSP office student work area)—sign up for one half-hour to forty minute shadowing session.

•  23: Final status emailed to 2015 Peer Mentors

•27: Applications due for hires interested in working as a Summer CC (accepted applicants only)

•  CC Training I TBD; scheduled with new hires


•  ~11: Attend CC Training II


•  Schedule meeting with assigned CC partner(s) to begin planning and work with Ayeza to confirm room reservations for Fall Mentorship events in April (must occur before classes end) and set planning/organization milestones



•  Set up core group email list

•  Contact Peer Core and faculty/staff mentors to set up September meeting and send reminders about Mentor Workshop and Kickoff


September 2017

•  CCs Begin working in ONSP the first day of classes

•  Attend CC Fall Training and Mentorship opening events (Meet and Greet, Workshop, Kickoff)