What is the M-Planner?

The M-Planner: Insider’s Guide to the University of Michigan is a 7” x 9”, 200+ page, 52-week planning calendar (beginning in August) and comprehensive student handbook with information about the University of Michigan resources for new students. The M-Planner is an Officially Licensed College Product (through CLC), printed in two colors and coil bound. The M-Planner also features:

  • Campus events listed on monthly and weekly planning pages
  • Full-color photo cover
  • A customized page-finder
  • Two pages of planning stickers
  • Graphical advertisements about campus events, U-M offices, and student organizations
How Do I Get an M-Planner?

The M-Planner is provided to new, undergraduate students when they attend Orientation.

Continuing students or parents who wish to have the current M-Planner can purchase the M-Planner from local campus bookstores, including the Michigan Union Bookstore, Ulrichs, and the MDen. Copies are not available from the Office of New Student Programs.

Departments or student organizations who wish to purchase M-Planners for their faculty, staff, or students may order M-Planners directly from the Office of New Student Programs using a UM billing account. The order deadline for the 2017-2018 M-Planner is January 20, 2017

Click HERE if you are a member of a UM Department or Student Organization and you wish to submit an MPlanner order

Advertise in the M-Planner!

University departments and student organizations can purchase banner ads on the weekly calendar planning pages. The revenue from these advertisements will help defray the student’s cost for the planner.

Ad requests and final graphics for the 2017-2018 M-Planner are due January 20, 2017. 

Click HERE If you are interested in advertising in the 2017-2018 M-Planner.

Submit an Event for Inclusion in the M-Planner.

Many students have found the events listed throughout the M-Planner's monthly and weekly planning pages to be very helpful. If your unit plans major events that would interest a large student or parent population, please begin thinking of your 2017-2018 dates for inclusion in the M-Planner! You must submit events by January 20, 2017.  

Click HERE to submit event(s) for the 2017-2018 MPlanner

How to Update Information in the M-Planner.

If your unit has previously contributed content for the M-Planner handbook portion, last year's text will be sent for edits by ONSP staff. Text updates for the 2017-2018 M-Planner are due January 20, 2017. Please respond even if there are no changes to confirm that you would like the same information published again.

Click HERE to update your current information in the 2017-2018 MPlanner.

Design the M-Planner Cover

The Office of New Student Programs (ONSP) is seeking student designs for the 2016-2017 M-Planner cover. Finalists will be selected by the ONSP staff and displayed for public judging between November 21 and December 9, 2016. The selected designer will be recognized in the M-Planner and receive a $300 honorarium. Top five designs receive free 2017-17 M-Planners!

Download an information packet with submission form!


  • Cover designs must be 7" × 9"
  • Designs may be “full” (preferred), 2, or 3 colors. PMS colors must be specified. Preferred color selections:
  • Download a template to design your cover, or click here for a PDF explaining how to setup the image using another application. The template will contain 4 pages, you are only required to design the front cover (p. 1) for this competition, but may submit other pages if you feel they contribute to your design.
  • The cover must somewhere contain the text "2017-2018 M-Planner: Insider's Guide to the University of Michigan" and "Office of New Student Programs".
  • As the University of Michigan celebrates its 200th Anniversary in 2017, designers are encouraged to include logos for and references to the Bicentennial. Logos and information can be found at the University's Bicentennial website.
  • If your design uses any photographs, you must provide a signed Permission to Use statement for each person pictured.
  • If you are looking for campus photos, see the U-M Photo Services Stock Image Gallery. You may use the low-resolution thumbnail images as placeholders for your design submission. If your design is selected, ONSP will purchase the rights to the photos from Photo Services.
  • If you would like to use the ONSP cube logo, U-M seal, Bicentennial Logo, or trademark "Block M" in your design, click here to authenticate and download the graphic file(s).  Also, familiarize yourself with the University's Style Guide for Logo's http://vpcomm.umich.edu/brand/style-guide/logo-guidelines


  • Only undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Michigan during the Fall 2016 semester are eligible to be selected as the cover designer.
  • Attached information form must be completed and submitted.
  • All materials must be received by 10pm on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

Selection Process

  • All entries should include:
  • A completed information form
  • A color print of the art
  • An electronic copy of the art (you may be asked to submit font files as well if the fonts used aren’t readily available)
  • Signed Permission to Use statement(s) for any people photographed

Submitted designs missing any of the above information will not be considered by the Office of New Student Programs.

Proposals should be submitted to: Joe Levickas, Office of New Student Programs, 609 Tappan Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1382


All materials must be received by 10pm on Thursday, November 17, 2016.