Orientation Overview

Each summer the Office of New Student Programs offers orientation sessions for the parents and adult family members of new students admitted for the Fall Term. Freshman Parent & Family Orientation programs are two-days in length and over 30 sessions are offered throughout the summer for parents of Fall Term students. 

In addition, one Parent & Family Orientation session is also offered for parents of Summer Term students. (Families of students participating in the Summer Bridge Program should contact the Comprehensive Studies Program for information about Summer Bridge Parent & Family Orientation).  

Parent & Family Orientation, run separately from the student program, focuses on a variety of topics of interest to parents and family members. These include living on campus, money management, academic requirements, health services, personal and property safety, student life, and family transition. These presentations are given by faculty and staff, as well as current University students. Parent & Family Orientation is recommended for all families of new freshmen, but it is especially helpful for families sending their first student to the University of Michigan. 

Although parents and family members may attend Orientation on the same date as their student, please remember that the family and student programs are entirely separate; there are no scheduled meetings between family members and students during Orientation. The Freshman Orientation programs and the Parent & Family Orientation programs have separate itineraries and are located in separate buildings.

Ranging in size from 80 - 220 people, each Parent & Family Orientation group is led by three specially trained student leaders. These leaders share their impressions and experiences concerning University life with each group and are available to answer most any question.


The orientation brochure is mailed to your student’s permanent address (listed in Wolverine Access). We will begin mailing brochures in mid-April to the homes of students who have paid their $300 enrollment deposit fee.  If there are family members who do not live at the student’s permanent address (listed in Wolverine Access) who would like orientation information, please call the Office of New Student Programs at (734) 764-6413 and request that an orientation brochure be mailed to separate address.

In addition to the brochure sent via U.S. mail, students also receive an email message to their UMICH email account with instructions to complete the Online Orientation Information (OOI). Upon completion of the Online Orientation Information, students will be permitted to register for an orientation date and to complete the registration process for their parents or family members. 

We understand that it is important for students and family members to communicate about orientation plans. We encourage you to review the Freshman Orientation program information so that you and your student can compare schedules and make plans. In addition, links will be provided below to the PDF versions of both the print invitation and the Online Orientation Information when they become available. 

Fall Term Information

  • 2018 Orientation Brochure (sent via U.S. mail in mid-April)
  • 2018 Online Orientation Information (sent via email to the student in mid-April)

Summer Term Information

  • 2018 Summer Term Orientation Brochure (sent via U.S. mail in mid-April)
  • 2018 Summer Term Online Orientation Information (sent via email to the student in mid-april)

How to Register for Parent & Family Orientation

After students complete the Online Orientation Information (OOI) and register for a Freshman Orientation Program in Wolverine Access, they will be given the opportunity to register parents and family members for the Parent & Family Orientation Program.

Since students will be responsible for signing up parents and family members, it is important to communicate in advance about orientation date preferences. Please make sure your student has your preferred email address, as he or she will need this information in order to register you for the Parent & Family Orientation program. Your confirmation will be sent within 24 hours to the email address that your student enters into the system for you. If you do not receive a confirmation by email, it is very likely that your student has mistyped your email address or that the confirmation email has been sent to your spam folder. Please call the Office of New Student Programs at (734) 764-6413 or email onsp@umich.edu to have another copy of the confirmation email sent to you. 

If for some reason, you are unable to attend Parent & Family Orientation on the same date as your student, or if your student has any difficulty signing you up for a Parent & Family Orientation date, we will be happy to assist you. Please call the Office of New Student Programs at (734) 764-6413 and we will register you by phone. Please note that your student must be already registered for Freshman Orientation before we will be able to register a parent or family member by phone.  

The Parent & Family Orientation program can sometimes accommodate a small number of walk-ins, but not always. Walk-in spaces are generally more available for programs beginning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.