Resources For Mentors

Hello Mentors! Please refer to this website for any information that you need through the course of the program. As always, feel free to reach out to program staff if you have any questions. 
Mentor Reimbursement Guidelines

Mentor groups receive an $150 stipend to support their group's activities! 

Peer Mentor Contracts

Each Peer Mentor is asked to sign a contract that outlines their roles and responsibilities within the program. This is the participation agreement that all peer mentors must sign before participation in the University Mentorship Program.

Peer Mentor Profile Form

This form is used to match groups each summer! Mentors designate their group preferences and background, and we try to match them with their mentees' and faculty/staff mentors' preferences. 

Peer Mentor Group Records

These reports help Mentorship staff support each group and gather program feedback. They allow each peer to reflect about their month with their mentees and faculty/staff mentor, and are due PRIOR to the scheduled peer core meetings the CC arranges each month. The first group records are due to your CC at the end of September, and there are usually no core group meetings due to the workshop in September, where your full core meets with its CC. The next are is due to your CC at your core group meetings that begin in October, and continue through December.