The University Mentorship Program matches up small groups of first-year students with one upper-level peer mentor and one faculty/staff mentor. As a peer mentor or a faculty/staff mentor, you will have the opportunity to connect to first year students and serve as a role model. 

Application for Fall 2021 peer mentor positions is available here! Please apply by Friday, February 5, 2021.

Only online applications will be accepted. Peer Mentors are undergraduate students only (rising sophomores, juniors and seniors).  

Graduate students are ineligible to be Peer Mentors, but can apply to be faculty/staff mentors. We do not offer mentoring to graduate students.

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Who Are Peer Mentors?


  • Peer Mentors are undergraduate students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) who volunteer to offer advice, respond to questions, and provide information about campus and community resources to incoming freshmen (mentees). Peers represent all academic departments across the U-M.
  • Peer mentors coordinate a small mentorship group of 6-8 incoming freshmen and are paired with one faculty or staff mentor. Mentorship groups are invited to attend an array of pre-planned events by our staff. 
  • Peer Mentors are matched with faculty and staff mentors based on information received in their applications. We also have many F/S Mentors and Peer Mentors who have met previously and choose to mentor together. Mentorship provides a great opportunity for students to get to know a faculty or staff person outside of a classroom or work setting.
  • The Peer Mentor works collaboratively with their Faculty/Staff (F/S) Mentor to provide support and encouragement to assigned Mentees and is supported by an assigned Communication Coordinator. Our goal is to create memorable and enriching experiences for each Mentee, whether through group activities or one-on-one interactions.
  • A typical Peer Mentor will spend 12-18 hours a month on Mentorship related activities.
Benefits & Incentives

Peer Mentor Benefits

Serving as a Peer Mentor is a valuable form of service that directly impacts the University community. By volunteering your time, energy and knowledge about college life, you contribute enormously to the success of the entering class by helping them become acclimated and integrated into the University community!

A relationship with a faculty/staff mentor gives Peer Mentors:

  • Personal advice about managing academic life
  • Help in networking for future
  • Non-judgmental support from someone who takes a special interest in them.

A relationship with mentees allows Peer Mentors to:

  • Share experiences and help others avoid similar obstacles
  • Develop/improve upon organizational and leadership skills
  • Enhance their undergraduate experience and expand their network
  • Receive a variety of great Mentor Incentives (see below)

Peer Mentor Incentives

  • Mentor of the Month/ Mentor of the Year nomination Mentees and Mentors are invited to complete monthly nominations to highlight the good work of mentors! Gifts are given to the recipients of the best nominations. Click here to see this year's award recipients.
  • Mentors-only Events occur during fall semester to support mentors--we have a workshop just for mentors in late September!
  • Free admission to approved events for mentors who plan and organize with other mentorship groups l
  • Prizes for participating in surveys and focus groups implemented and evaluated by our staff
  • Special swag for Mentors at at the beginning of the academic year
  • End-of-semester recognition and completion certificates for outstanding mentors
  • Professional development workshops designed to market your Mentorship experience to future employers
  • Enhanced communication skills through communication with faculty, staff and students and facilitating Common Thoughts Program
  • Enhanced leadership skills through leading group of 6-8 mentees and organizing events


Mass Meetings

Want to learn more about becoming a Peer Mentor? Attend the 2020 Info Session! You’ll learn more about our expectations for Mentors, how the program works, and our activities! 

  • Tuesday, December 4 2020 at 12pm EST. 

Can’t make it to the info session?  Email to ask for information. 



February 5 | Peer Mentor Applications due online 

February 9 | Invitation to interviews sent to select applicants. Interviews are in-person and with our Mentorship staff.

February 10-23 | Peer Mentor Interviews, ONSP Office 
Those accepted for interviews will sign up for a specific time where 2 Communication Coordinators will interview each Peer Mentor.

March 8 | Final status emailed to interviewees.

April 3 TBD | Peer Mentor Training 
The training is essential for the success of mentors and allows you to meet the other mentors in your core and participate in workshops to prepare you for your experience as a mentor.

Summer 2021

By mid-June, Mentors will be informed of the mentees in their groups. Once this is received, mentors should contact their mentees and, if possible, plan to meet prior to the Kickoff event in September.